Rang De Movie Review( 3.5/5)

Rang De Movie Review( 3.5/5) : Nithiin and Keerthy suresh will make you laugh Whole heartedly

The movie with a simple subject and freshness written all over it has a fun filled first half . The major plus is that you end up laughing almost every scene during this period. sometimes we have witnessed , directors trying hard to get that smile on the face of audience and going over the top resulting in an irritating scenario but her Director Venky Atluri’s effort is evident in every scene as the setup is perfect , those well written scenes , actors with perfect expressions , punch line all contribute to a fun filled affair .Apart from the comedy those cute scenes between Arjun and Anu are entertaining .I liked the Rangule song as everything perfect about it , choreography , location , costumes and the lead pair. Even in second half the focus is mainly on comedy but gets a little emotional towards the end. Don’t try to find logic in some scenes like the case of a proxy exam writer and Arjun passing with distinction after revaluation  ,just enjoy the fun ride and it works that way

Performances, Nithiin ‘s charisma and impeccable comic timing makes Rang de a worth watch . He keeps entertaining you and some his best scenes would be when the entire family trying to convince him to marry Any and his response when his father is curious to know about his results . Keerthy Suresh entertains with her cute and innocent expressions during the first half and she is effortless while handling those emotional scenes during the second half. It is the cute chemistry between Nithiin and Keerthy Suresh with that love hate relationships which is major plus point for the Movie . With a strong and an impressive supporting cast that includes Naresh , Vennela Kishore , Rohini , Vineeth and Kousalya  who make Rang De a family affair

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