Rathnan Prapancha Movie Review (3.75/5)

Rathnan Prapancha Movie Review (3.75/5) : Powerful story and brilliant performances makes this a worth watch

A complete family entertainer is one in which you get truckload of emotions, comedy, good songs, beautiful locations all blended into a powerful storyline. The trailer of Kannada movie Rathnan  Prapancha looked promising and let us analyse if it could live up to the expectations. Directed by Rohit Padaki , movie streaming on Amazon prime stars Dhananjay, Reba Monica John,Pramod Panju, Umashree , Shruthi and others.

About the plot, the movie opens on an interesting note with those funny interactions between Rathnakar who seems to be a frustrated soul and his possessive, controlling and emotional mother Saroja  . Rathnakar who finds almost everything irritating in life accidently discovers things about his past from journalist Mayuri. He is disturbed and wants to explore more about his another family and Mayuri joins hands with him in his mission. Ratna’s prapacha becomes bigger and bigger, starts visiting places visiting places form Kashmir , Gadag  and Gokarna in search of lost relationships  . What he discovers during his journey forms the rest of the story

The main 2 factors which makes this family entertainer a worth watch are solid storyline and brilliant performances from the entire cast. The initial parts of the movie are really funny which later on banks heavily on different types of relationships wherein emotions play a key role. Direction has been brilliant while handling scenes between Yellavaa and her son which are high intensity sequences plus the solid, highly emotional soul searching climax. The scenes between Rathnkar and saroja are highly entertaining but slightly less in emotions as compared to the high voltage drama happening between Yellavaa and her son. The movie has been shot in beautiful locations from the snow covered Kashmir to Gokarna , this is  a visual fest . As the story movies to the second half , the pace dips a bit in spite of that energetic performance from Pramod but gathers momentum later leading to that terrific climax . The focus is on how each individual defines a particular relationship. Really liked the way when Tabasum explains to Rathnakar that some relationships can be defined but they are meaningless. Trying to explore life and relationships is the beauty of Ratnan Prapancha and it may be mainly Rathnan Prapancha but deals with the multiple characters’ prapacha. I would also like to highlight it is confusing at times like how a son after discovering about the hidden truth starts misbehaving with his mother not caring for love and affection showered on him throughout his life, may be another case of complex human behaviour

The next factor is the brilliant performance making this a clear winner. Dhananjay portraying Ratna delivers a knockout performance. He has to be bang on target as Ratna is totally frustrated and confused on his way to explore relationships, Dhananjay is natural to the core and the biggest plus is his performance during that highly emotional climax. Such a delight to watch Umashree who effortlessly makes us laugh and equally excels in the emotional scenes. Pramod playing Yellavva’s son is simply first rate.  Having got a solid opportunity to show his acting skills, his sincerity shows while playing Ellavva’s  son. Shruthi playing Ellavva is terrific and her scenes with Pramod towards the end make this movie an engaging watch. Anu Prabhakar puts a matured show as she tries to explain Rathna what relationship means to her. Reba Monica John plays her part well.

Again with such a good storyline and superb performances I would say it is a worth watch

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