Reunion: Amidst those colourful celebrations, there is some food for thought


Just happened to meet an old friend who was discussing about an interesting topic, which is all about cherishing those wonderful childhood moments. A lot of reunions happening everywhere  for which the preparation takes place well in advance to make this wonderful event a major success. Majority of folks who are not in touch since ages start sending the pictures over the Social media which makes each and everyone in the newly formed group recollect those  precious moments. On that special day  , feeling is so unique which cannot be explained in words , a  mixture of emotions when you get see  your old friends, some of whom remained evergreen and others changed drastically  after couple of decades. The party goes on with games, loads of fun , Rock & roll , hugs and tears when the party is about to over and not knowing if there would be another such massive event after a decade or couple of decades

While showing the pictures of the successful reunion to families, felt the fun-filled event is likely to give some food for thought. Firstly why are some friends always missing from the special event? If it is due to some genuine personal issues, it is fine. Any other reason related to some complex in certain individuals as they are not very well settled in life and also the fear of how they would be treated, the whole purpose of reunion is not served. In such case someone from the group has to take the responsibility to make the whole crowd comfortable irrespective of their financial and professional status. This reunion event is not to be celebrate the present status, but how you were once upon a time . So, it is better to forget all those phoren accents and speak the same language laced with that specific funny tone to enjoy the celebration.

Having shown those funny dancing and behaviour where the parents just behaved like kids, the present day children who are very enthusiastic start encouraging parents for having more such events.  Just wondering if this would have been the case couple of decades ago especially in the middle class Indian family . Those were the days , after reaching certain age group , parents should behave like parents  was the mentality among lot of children . Looking at this, strongly felt did many of our parents miss all the fun which we are having now?.  This should make us respect our parents more and at least try to keep them happy as long as …

About our teachers, most of the students have done masti , created trouble for them , which resulted in punishments and shouting. Now during the reunion , all have become more mature and when we felicitate them , just need to see that sparkle in their eyes.  With more and more reunions happening, that pure satisfaction and pride on the face of our teachers is a clear reflection of noble and highly respectful teaching profession.I wonder who gets this type of never-ending multiple recognitions …..

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