Roberrt Kannada Movie Review

Roberrt Kannada Movie Review : This superstylish commercial entertainer is Darshan show all the way

No points for guessing, this is Darshan’s show all the way as he plays both the roles efficiently. If he is adorable as a stammering, innocent cook, he wins hearts with his stylish avatar. He excels in the scenes when he has to switch between the two characters when his son is around. I liked those scenes in the second half where he speaks English , providing wholesome entertainment. Vinod prabhakar who has worked a lot on his physique and this is a tailor made role for him .  The combination of Vinod prabhakar and Darshan works big time  for Roberrt with both having solid screen presence . I should mention about this cute kid Jason Dsouza who put up such a brilliant show . This kid is an amazing talent .  Asha bhat shines in her all  glamorous role and is a good dancer too . Jagapathi babu  is impressive  There is a pre climax scene where Raghav keeps talking to him and u should see the intensity in his eyes

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