Salute Movie Review ( 4/5)

Salute Movie Review ( 4/5) –  A Thought-provoking Mystery Thriller with a unique shocking climax

From the title and the trailers, no pints for guessing about the core plot. This is a cop story about an honest police officer investigating a double murder case but there is more into it than an usual mystery crime thriller.  S I Arvind karunakaran , an honest young officer and his brother Dy.S.P Ajith Karunakaran are under huge political pressure to solve a twin murder case . Although they already have suspect in  Murali  but no solid evidence to arrest him . Barring Arvind all the other team members are convinced that Murali is guilty. As the political pressure mounts, Ajith and his team make sure Murali is arrested through torture and evidence manipulation .Suddenly when the department discovers that there may be another person involved, only Arvind is interested to proceed with further investigation. However soon he realises how difficult it is to fight against the system, he takes a long leave and shifts to another city . After couple of years, Arvind is forced to reopen the investigation following a particular incident

What happens during the reinvestigation? How does he cope up with the problems created form his own department? Will he be able to fight this battle against the system all alone?  Finally who is the real killer and will he be able to trace him?

Salute has a different storyline where an honest police officer is seen fighting against the system while solving a murder mystery. Once the investigation on murders begins, it gives an impression that movie is mainly cantered around suspense surrounding the murders. However, the first half is all about young Arvind not able to fight system initially and then mustering courage to turn tables on the department to provide justice to an innocent man. Director Rosshan Andrrews has made this battle entertaining without being preachy. It is as engaging as the twin murder investigation which takes a centre stage during the second half. When Arvind is harassed by the department and the fact how he is going to fight it without any support is the point at which the movie becomes highly engaging. Right from an interesting first clue about the suspect till the end it keeps us guessing . .About the climax, it is not only shocking but also with unique approach which has not been witnessed in the past.  Some hard-core facts about the loop holes in the system and superb investigation procedure makes Salute a doubly delicious, thought- provoking and an engaging treat.

Talking about what could have been better, one would have expected scenes between Arvind and Ajith to have high intensity with growing tension. Also the main clue leading to solving the case happens by coincidence and writes should have been more innovative to give a chance to Arvind himself to lead to these as during the rest of the movie it is all about Arving fighting it singlehandedly

About the performances , It is Dulquer Salmaan ‘s show . Right rom that scene when he is uncomfortable while watching his team torturing Murali and those silent expressions listening to Murali’s sister , clever moves during the investigation , Dulquer Salman puts up a fine show . Manoj K Jayan plays his part  well but script could have offered more serious stuff to the talented actor .Diana Penty is camera friendly and glamorous .However with all serious police stuff happening she gets minimum scope to exhibit her acting skills

Salute with an interesting storyline, unique climax and good suspense is definitely a worth watch

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