Sarileru Neekevvaru Movie Review :Mahesh Babu’s charisma and sincerity lifts this Family Entertainer

Directed by Anl ravipudi , the movie generated extra hype when  the power  house  of talent  Vijayashanthi was included in the cast providing golden opportunity for the moviegoer to witness another sparkling performance after a long gap of thirteen years . Let us analyse if the Mahesh Babu – Vijayashanthi super combo will be able to set the screens on fire

The movie stars with a honest professor Bharathi ( Vijayashanthi), who is in no mood to tolerate any wrongdoing teaches a lesson to the student who belongs to the highly influential family . A lot of happy faces in the  Bharathi’s family when the proposal for her daughter gets finalised and the date of marriage is set which has been communicated to her son Ajay serving the Indian Army  in  Kashmir . It is a tense hostage situation in Kashmir when Major Ajay Krishna ( Mahesh Babu)has to rescue the innocent children and during the operation , Ajay gets severely injured  and doctors estimating less chances of survival. With few days left for his sister’s wedding, taking into account the impact on the solder’s family if his present situation is communicated, the senior officer ( Murali Krishna) takes a wise decision to send one of his able officers to Ajay’s house to handle the situation and gradually communicate the facts. For someone who grew up without a family, Major Ajay ( Mahesh Babu ) takes up this responsibility and to give him company in this operation is his senior friend  Prasad ( Rajendra Prasad) . There is a big surprise for Ajay when he reaches Bharathi’s house as he is not able locate anyone and he desperately starts searching for her. When he is finally able to find her, he rescues the professor and her family against the goons. After discovering about Bharathi’s battle against the corrupt MLA Nagendra ( Praksh Raj) , he takes up the challenge of protecting the soldier’s family by teaching the corrupt politician a lesson

What is that incident that led Bharathi to fight against the corrupt politician? How does the super combo of Ajay-Bharathi  counter attack  Nagendra and the the methods employed by the army officer to transform him into a sincere citizen ? Will Ajay be able to reveal  the present status of her son to Bharathi as she has already lost one son serving the army ?

First half of the movie gets interesting after the point when Major Ajay takes up the decision to visit the injured soldier’s house and take up the responsibility of convincing the brave mother about the delicate situation. After the set of comedy scenes which are not exciting, the movie takes a complete U turn offering a lot of entertainment in the post interval. Some of the brilliantly written scenes, patriotic feeling, swag dancing and whole lot of emotions lift the overall standards of this entertainer

Mahesh Babu gets everything right, his sparkling performance and charisma keeping every frame lively.  With the signature gesture “ Take a Bow” and those perfect dialogues , his sincerity and high energy levels are evident throughout the Movie. Just look out for the “ Mind Block” song, when the whole theatre got extra enthusiastic seeing their favourite star in those colourful outfits and graceful dancing . Along with him , Vijayashnathi takes the responsibility of shouldering the movie with her maturity and elegance . The superstar combo is simply brilliant when Mahesh babu reveals about her son’s death and the emotions of a brave mother brilliantly portrayed by the supremely talented actress . Rahmika Mandanna looks cute  and is strictly okay in the comedy scenes which looks forced. However she is in full form in the crowd-pleasing “ Mind Block “ song . Prakash Raj as usual shows his class playing villain with different sense of humour  .Rajendra prasad is first Rate. Vennela Kishore has limited scope to showcase his talent

Director Anil Ravipudi  excels in the second half with some brilliant writing and direction .  Although predictable, the core plot is interesting and multiple commercial ingredients offered in the post interval with a different approach  to the climax makes this family entertainer  a worth watch . However the whole comedy involving Rashmika and gang looks forced and fails to impress. Instead of some lengthy comedy scenes, Director could have shifted the focus on writing more intense scenes that would have been really impactful

Simply , Mahesh Bbau’s sheer brilliance and the deadly combination of the two brilliant actors  definitely makes this one a  worth watch commercial entertainer





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