Seetharam Benoy Movie Review(3/5) : Gripping Investigative thriller

Seetharam Benoy Movie Review(3/5) : Gripping Investigative thriller

Can u remember any rural based investigative thriller that has been successful in entertaining the audience? This new kannada investigative thriller has been set in a village and going by the trailers looked very promising. The detailed review would tell us if it has lived up to the expectations

Inspector Seethram has been transferred to some place in shimoga district, a small village and once he is there a surprise awaits him. A case of serial robbery has been reported and surprisingly those criminals have added the newly transferred officer’s place in their list .Seetharam starts investigation in full swing and when he is almost about to catch the culprits , there is a major twist . A case of serial robbery turns out be much bigger as someone is murdered and takes an interesting turn .As Seethram stars digging deeper, there are a lot surprises for him and it is not as simple as he might have imagined. What are his findings and how does he crack this case forms the rest of the story

This suspense thriller is mostly engaging and suspenseful and the investigative part manages to generate a lot of curiosity among the viewers. In spite of the story set in rural area , I liked the way officer Seetharam takes his investigation ahead and the way he concludes which house will be the next target and listing of potential targets .Another interesting aspect is the gradual release of information which builds up suspense with multiple twists

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