Sherni Movie Review (3.5/5) : Vidya Balan is intense and brilliant

Sherni Movie Review (3.5/5) : Vidya Balan is intense and brilliant

If you were a forest officer how would you handle the situation when there is tiger around and couple of villagers have already lost their live. Sherni streaming on Amazon prime has Vidya balan portraying the role of a forest officer who has her job cut

Vidya Vincet is an efficient and a sincere forest officer. She has to act quickly and plan things properly when the villagers around that region start complaining about a tiger which has already attacked some people. Although Vidya and her team is bang on target, she is unable to implement them sue to several reasons. Some people using this issue as their political agenda, not so capable boss,  hunter who is desperate to add one more tiger to his list and most important she can’t trust anyone out there. However she gets some support from a Zoology Professor capable of performing DNA analysis. In spite of multiple factors trying to pull her down , would it be  possible for  Vidya to complete her mission successfully forms the rest of the story

About the performances, Vidya balan is back with a power packed performance. This is an intense and controlled act, hardly get to see her smile in the entire movie. The manner in which she is able to control any situation , her skills in convincing people to calm down a serious situation ,Vidya Balan clearly steals with show .Vijay Raaz playing professor and Mukul chadda playing vidya’s husband are natural to the core . Sharth saxnea as hunter is perfectly cast and Brijendra kala as vidya’s boss is entertaining

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