Shivaji Surathkal : The case of Ranagiri Rahasya Movie Review( 3.5/5)

Shivaji Surthkal : The case of Ranagiri Rahasya Movie  Review( 3.5/5) – A fast paced top notch Investigative thriller

A true investigative thriller is the one which keeps the viewer guessing till the end feeding him with set of clues, multiple suspects and some incidents that sends chills down your spine ultimately leading to an unpredictable climax. Need to analyse if this latest outing from Ramesh Aravind has the essential ingredients to be a successful Suspense thriller

The story begins with some strange happenings around Ranagiri resort and the Minister’s son found dead in the Swimming pool . The case is handed over to brilliant crime branch officer Shivaji Surathkal ( Ramesh Aravind) who initially is bit hesitant to take up the case due to some incident involving his dark past . After taking up the case, when the primary investigation leads to a possible planned murder, he starts interrogating different set of interesting characters residing in the same resort. Also there is a plot running in parallel which has someone close to Shivaji missing and the smart officer is still trying to solve the pending case. How does he solve both the cases forms the crux of the story

The movie has a super exciting first half with the introduction of several interesting characters who are the possible suspects and suspense building up slowly with several incidents happening around the place. Chances of supernatural force creating havoc, witchcraft, missing bachelors, some antic coins discovered are the various factors contributing to a perfect edge of an seat thriller. As the mystery is unravelled in the concluding part which is quite convincing leaving absolutely no confusion, the viewer definitely leaves the hall with that satisfied feeling. Director Akash Srivastava has been successful in delivering a fascinating fast paced crime thriller without a single dull moment which has some room for emotions as well. The location with lush green visuals works big time to enhance the effects

Ramesh Aravind  is magnificent playing the role of an intelligent officer , the way he differentiates his act between the dark past and the one investigating the Ranagiri case makes the performance impactful. His superb form in evident in the scene where he starts hallucinating in front of the entire crowd present in the resort .Radhika Narayan has limited screen space and she does her part well. Among the big list of supporting cast Raaghu ramankoppa  shines with his timely comedy and  Rohit bhanuprakash makes his presence felt .

If you are a fan of Mystery thriller genre, this one should not be missed

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