4 Simple preparation Steps for your new Diet Plan

Diet plans have  become very common and commercialised as every individual as looks matter the most in our present day society.  Healthy looks counts whereas the  healthy  mind takes a back seat. We have been hearing about tons of diet plans everywhere on the net. Diet packages come in different forms, some suggesting completely different plan from the actual ones ,instant weight losing techniques during couple of weeks or months, to name some of the strict patterns. The problem with instant plan is that it works for sure. However as per the general survey , once people stop, they tend to gain more weight. The case of  U Turn in food intake, it is difficult for your mind to accept it , always there is a feeling that you are missing something. Suddenly when you are stressed you simply forget diet ,  start binge eating. Normal slow and steady process definitely works over the period of time with less sacrifice and efforts as well. Healthy mind and strong willpower are key factors before you start any diet mission . Try to keep yourself calm , have full control on changes that you made in our eating habits  . One could go for yoga that would relax your mind and body, helps you to handle stressful situations well. These Pranayama techniques have been proven beneficial for many adopting new diet plans

01 Kapalabathi ( Forceful exhalations)for about 10 min

02 Anuloma viloma – Alternate nostril  breathing ( very slow)for about 10 min

03 Om canting for about 10 min – Meditation

04 shavasana – corpse pose for total relaxation –  10 min

Let us practice these simple steps to attain a healthy mind and toned body

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