Sindhubaadh Movie review: Interesting Thriller with Superb Visuals

Sindhubaadh Movie review: Interesting Thriller with Superb Visuals

Sindhubaadh starts on an interesting note somewhere near Thailand / Cambodia border , with a girl  trying to escape from a lonely place. When the story shifts to village in Tamilnadu, there are exciting characters Thiru( Vijay sethupathi)  a petty thief , to give him company is super ( Surya Vijay sethupathi) a over smart kid both enjoying life. When Venba( Anjali) working for a rubber estate  in Malaysia returns to  native for a vacation, her relatives start hunting for a groom. After couple of funny incidents, Thiru and Venba fall in love . Venbu wants to return back to Malaysia to clear her debts and it is a big surprise for her when they get married at the Airport. Anxiously waiting for her call, Thiru discovers that Anjali is in a big trouble, manages to get formalities done , lands up in Thailand with Super. He is all trouble when he confronts a sadistic don Ling . Does Thiru manage to rescue Venba?what are the hurdles faced by him and how he manages to tackle them ? when bunch of contract workers are shifted from one place to another what exactly is the mafia up to? Need to watch the movie to find out the answers

Despite some funny, lively scenes in the first half, the movie  is slow paced. Some of the action scenes and the chase in Thailand lifts the momentum in the second half. There is a big twist at some point when the motive behind the crime is revealed . Director Arun Kumar should have strongly capitalized on this twist in order to make this more interesting watch.Yuvan Shankar raja’s music is good . Full marks to Karthik Kannan’s Cinematography for giving us superb visuals . The way he manages to show a simple village, camera angles while shooting the bus , action scenes  in second half, simply first rate.

Vijay sethupathi as usual, is in a terrific form , so effortlessly dealing with both  romance and action . Anjali as a simple village girl is natural talent. Surya vijay setupathi uses this bumper debut vehicle to showcase his talent. He is super confident and gets parallel footage with Vijay sethupathi.

Interesting subject, Superb performances from the cast, good music, excellent cinematography, terrific action makes this a one-time watch. But, could have been better with a solid script


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