Student of the year 2 – Movie review

STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2  Movie Review – Ananya Pandey and Tiger Shroff  try hard to get distinction in this campus Movie

We have seen in the past that college campus based movies , if written well is always a great joy to watch. A Mixture of comedy, friendship, romance and loads of fun makes these clear winners at the Box office. This one too has taken inspiration from Jo Jeetha Wohi Sinkhandar which won million hearts with great performances and powerful script.Let us check if this one has necessary ingredients to smash Box office records

It is about young lad Rohan( Tiger shroff) who is in love with Mriduala/Mia( Tara sutaria) since his childhood days . He along with his bunch of friends are from Pishorimal Chamanlal College, which is meant for  Middle calss category. On contrary we have rich brats College Saint Teresa, with massive mansion campus   , expensive cars parked all over and high fi socialite atmosphere with students openly kissing .Now Rohan’s girlfriend gets an admission in Teresa’s and he is desperate to get there and manages through Sport’s Quota.He confronts rich spoilt girl Shreya ( Ananya Pandey) who troubles him with her arrogance. Enter her brother Manav who has been winning Student of year during the past years , shows some sympathy towards Rohan .Thanks to shreya’s antics , Rohan’s  friends gate crash party sponsored by Manav  starts misbehaving  after getting high are thorwn out. Rohan unaware of shrya’s game does not support his old pals and loses their Trust. Now it is time for big dance competition with siblings on one side competing with Rohan and his girlfriend. During the final round Mia loses balance and it is Manav & shreya are declared Winnners. When Rohan returns to console Mia he finds truth that Mia has fallen for Manav and Manav’s conspiracy behind the loss

Now the second Half ,once Shreya gets to know the truth about the competition, she and Rohan become friends and they win another dance competition , before which they give free show to the whole Rohan’s locality about their Dancing Talent. Suddenly Mia comes back to Rohan and he still has something left in his heart for his Ex-girlfirend.Other side of Shreya is revealed, her Dad hating her for she being responsible for his wife’s death calls her manoos and does not celebrate her Birthday. It is Rohan who celebrates her birthday , convinces her dad about her talent to send her to Dancing School in London. Now for the climax scene, it is Kabbadi tournament which is finally won by Pishorimal Chamanlal College, no points for guessing who wins  the student of the year . it is our Rohan with the trophy who accepts Shreya as his love and keep Mia for friendship only

First half is fast paced with youth freshness, music  and ample energy to keep viewers glued on to seats. It is the post interval  session which drags, writing goes haywire . Couple of scenes like suddenly Mia coming back to Rohan without solid reason tests audience patience. It picks up towards the end with kabbadi tournament, not very convincing though

It is Tiger Shroff all the way with his terrific screen presence, excels in everything from dance , acting and  fight sequences. He gets deep into the character and lights up the screen.  Ananya pandey provides able support,shows lot of promise on her debut film. She looks good and shows confidence as an arrogant girl and  gets sympathy  as a teenager who is hungry for Love. Fantastic debut , long way to go Ananya Pandey. Tara sutari is just ok as her character is not well written and she needs improvement in terms of acting skills. Aditya Seal is camera friendly and handles fight sequqences well. Gul panag and Sameer Soni are wasted in a small role.s

Punit Malhotra handles his army efficiently , tries his level best to tap maximum potential from his young brigade. It is the post interval sessions he is not in control as he is handicapped by the script.Music by Vishal Shekar is good with couple of songs catching your attention first time. Ravi K Chandran ‘s photography is excellent with rich visual being integral part of Karan Johar;s films. Every frame is stylishly shot giving rich feel to the entire film . Overall it could have been  a clear winner , if the second half was handled with extra care .However it Tiger Shroff factor and overall feel good youth factor which should drive young crowds to the cinema halls


Verdict :  2.5 Stars



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