Sulthan Tamil Movie Review( 3/5)

Sulthan Tamil Movie Review( 3/5) : Karthi’s sincere performance lifts the standards of this action thriller

The movie is different from other gangster movies for the simple reason , Gangster’ son desperately trying to reform the gang and giving them an opportunity to lead a new life . The movie is fast paced during the first half with right dose of comedy, action and sentiments.  The gang trying to hide things from Sultan and while he is trying to express his love for Rashmika lead to hilarious moments. At the same time there are superbly executed sequences like when the entire gang is waiting to attack a criminal in the market and they realise Sultan is on his way to the same place. As Mansour wants to abort the mission, something happens, this builds a lot of tension among the audience . I also liked this song Yaaraiyum ivolo Azhaga which has been well sung by Silambarasan  . While talking about the songs, the home coming celebration song Jai sultan is well choreographed and compliments the mood of the entire gang . During the second half , the last 30 minutes is engaging  and also focus is mainly on action .

Regarding the performances, Karthi carries the movie on his shoulders and his performance clearly lifts the overall standards of the movie . We don’t need a super hero in this situation, wanted an ordinary person who is highly educated has to take the responsibility of reforming hard-core criminals. This is where karthi is impressive. He is dressed like a professional and his desperate attempts to see to it that no one in the gang indulges in a criminal activity again, Karthi is natural to the core. However, at some point when he has his hands soaked with blood, his expression and the scene is one of the best moments in the movie . Also some of his best scenes include the way he communicates with the Police commissioner asking him time to reform the gang and also his dilemma at the interval point whether or not to counter attack Jayasheel when he has an option to leave village with his gang . Something to add , with his perfect comic timing , he is adorable while proposing to Rashmika and the scenes that follow . Apart from being cute and bubbly, Rashmika ‘s character has a vital role to play in the main plot and she comes up a decent performance. Lal is outstanding, right from those expressions while holding baby sultan to backing him throughout this is a top class performance. Napolean has few scenes but clearly makes his presence felt as he perfects fits into the character and is impressive in the scene where he tries to make Sultan understand about how much the gang cares for him . Arjai portraying a cunning character is simply first rate .Ramchandra raju  looks deadly . Nawab shah in the role of a white collar villain shows promise

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