Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik Roshan’s performance is nothing short of a masterpiece

Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik Roshan’s performance is nothing short of a masterpiece

When the Educational Institutes have become money spinning business for people who run this big show, there comes Anand Kumar , a genius mathematician , takes the responsibility of coaching less fortunate kids with his superb skills and helps them fulfil their Dreams. His tale is truly inspiring, motivational that would encourage more super intelligent people to take up the noble cause and this is exactly what Super 30 is all about

Anand Kuamr ( Hrithik Roshan) , a brilliant mathematician who writes an article about solving complex problem, manages to impress the Professor at the prestigious Cambridge university ,gets an excellent offer . His dreams are shattered when his father‘s continuous efforts fail to gather the required funds. Things start getting worse when he starts selling Papads, shouldering the responsibility of the family, after his father’s sudden demise. Lallan Singh( Aditya Srivasta) ,a close associate of Education Minister ,who  runs business for him ,spots Anand kumar and offers job at his coaching center. With the growing popularity of KUMAR’S Coaching skills, institute becomes a huge success changing the life style of brilliant teacher as well. Having forgotten his previous struggles in life, when Anand kumar comes across a poor kid who is desperate to study against all odds, takes a brave decision of opening his own coaching center to coach less fortunate kids, fulfilling their dreams of making it big .Apart from the several challenges that he is going to face, needs to boost the confidence and self-belief among these kids to compete with the more fortunate kids. What are his methods to give them the required confidence? What are the various challenges faced by him? How does the decision affect his personal life? Does the corrupt education system allow him to be successful?

Director Vikas Bahl marshals his resources well and gets extraordinary performances from an excellent cast. Kudos to him for superbly executing some of scenes like the one when the kids enact sholay episode without using a hindi word, which not only brings smile on your face but is equally inspiring as well. When a rich kid asks Anand kumar why he is not coaching them , hinting it is not his fault to be born rich , this is where the director tries to show it from another perspective which is However he could have avoided some melodrama and focussed more on the realistic approach. Cinematography by Anand Goswami is first rate, especially the scene when Anand Kumar is attacked at the railway station. Ajay Atul’s Music is just okay

Hrithik roshan is simply spectacular and his impactful performance makes this biopic a must watch. He is at his best when he keeps on trying to convince the education minister to fund his Cambridge dreams, look on his face when he has to sacrifice his love for the noble cause, his expressions when his kids counterattack the more fortunate kids in the sholay episode, and that penultimate climax scene, his sincerity and hard work shows in every frame.Mrunal Takur playing his love interest gets minimum footage, manages to impress with her expressive face. Pankaj Tripati playing witty, cunning education minister is simply outstanding.Virendra Sxena playing Kumar’s father is natural and looks at his energy levels when he discovers about an excellent opportunity for his son. It is super confident performance from Super 30 kids makes the biopic more interesting .Rest of the cast Nandish Singh ( Brother)and Amit sadh( cool journalist) play their part well

Do Watch this one to inspire that human being inside you to take up a noble case, get yourself educated about confidence and self-belief, to make someone famous who is successful against all odds, and for Hrithik  Roshan’s impactful act




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