Thambi Movie Review

Thambi Movie Review: Karthi’s superb form makes this Mystery thriller with family sentiments an engaging watch

As we have already seen in some of his blockbusters, Jeethu joseph has that unique style of combining the family sentiments with the perfect suspense thriller. In his latest directorial venture, the master of mystery thrillers has a subject based on the brother- sister relationship  with some good twists and nail biting suspense  keeping the audience guessing throughout

The story starts off with a drug addict saravanan and his friend’s effort trying to convince him fails resulting in an unexpected assault hurting the uncontrollable youngster who has lost it completely. After 15 years ,the not so happy family consisting of rich landlord Gnanamurthy( Satyaraj) who is an active political leader fighting for a  noble cause, his wife Seetha and his daughter Parvathy( Jyothika) , who along with her family members is hoping for her missing  brother saravanan to return home any time. Meanwhile there are some anti-social elements who are plotting to acquire the land belonging to the innocent villagers for building a resort.  Gnanamurthy who has always fought for the people gives them the hope that the decision would be in their favour. At this point of time, he gets a good news about his missing son , who currently is in Goa . Unfortunately with a new name Vicky ( Karthi) , the missing son  is presently a criminal who makes his living by cheating innocent tourists. When Gnanamurthy gets him home, the whole family welcomes him except his sister Parvathy who actually keeps missing him a lot. Although his childhood friend Inspector Karan  and his granny ( Sowkar Janaki) starts suspecting Vicky , saravanana ‘s childhood love interest  Sanajana( Nikhila Vimal) accepts him blindly and is keen on continuing their relationship. For someone who has been enjoying life in Goa, everything looks fine and suddenly there is an attempt to kill him . Not knowing exactly who is trying to kill him,Vicky finds himself in a tricky situation when the Police officer who reunited him with his family  is murdered and again there is a brutal attack on him , making him realise there is much more happening in that small town

Is there any truth in Saravanan’s childhood friend and granny suspecting him when he is back after such a long gap?  Despite missing saravanan for such a long period why does parvathy take her own time to develop a perfect bonding with her brother? Who are these people targeting saravanan?  What is hidden truth behind Saravanan’s lost and found story?

The first half of the movie is filled with light moments leading to a solid twist towards the interval point . There are more thrills and nail biting suspense in the second half which keeps the viewer guessing till the end. Director Jeethu Joseph has given a perfect family entertainer coupled with an unpredictable Mystery element .After the twist during the first half , Director gives some possible clues to a sensible viewer who would find it difficult to guess the shocking climax though. Along with a solid script, it is karthi’s performance which makes Tambi an engaging watch. If he is able to entertain with loads of charm in those fun filled moments, the intensity which comes into play towards the post interval speaks volumes about his fine performance. Jyothika is perfect with her matured and serious act .Satyaraj’s character which is more complex needs to show lot of expressions and he delivers a terrific performance. Nikhila vimal plays her part well. The scenes between Karthi and the veteran Sowkar Janaki is such a delight to watch. The veteran actress shows her versatility even without uttering a single word, so adorable

Tambi is a fine suspense thriller with loads of family sentiments and superb performances








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