Tanhaji:The Unsung Warrior Movie Review-Ajay Devgan and Saif Ali khan show all the way

The increasing number of successful period films in the recent times has been successful in educating public about some of the fearless warriors who fought and won epic battles risking everything for their motherland. Directed by Om Raut, Tanhaji –The Unsung Warrior narrates the tale of a brave warrior Tanhaji Malusare who fought the famous Battle of Sinhagad and captured  the prestigious Kondhana fort

The movie starts with Tanhaji developing some ace qualities of a warrior from his brave father and grows up to be a fearless warrior. During that period, there is growing tension in the region with the Kondhana fort surrendered as the part of treaty and Aurangzeb sending his newly found trustworthy leader Udaybhan singh ( Saif  Ali Khan)  to take complete control over the prestigious fort. Not being aware about the tense situation, Tanhaji starts grand arrangements for his little son’s wedding. Taking into account the planned function at Tanhaji’s place , Shivaji Maharaj  decides not to send his close friend and also a great warrior  to deal with Udaybhan Singh . However after convincing both shivaji Maharaj and  Rajmata, Tanhaji starts planning the strategies against cruel and  sadistic Udaybhan. His first plan turns out be a massive disaster due to an insider leaking crucial information about the attack. Now Tanhaji has to carefully plan his next strategy and marshal the available resources in order to capture the Kondhana fort from the overconfident Udaybhan , making the best use of any of his weaknesses

How does Tanhaji convince Shivaji Maharaj to allow him to lead the battle against Udaybhan ? Despite planning very well, what are the reasons for the failure of Tanhaji’s first attack against Udaybhan ? What are the various strategies planned by the ace warrior to capture the Kondhana fort ?

The movie takes off with a brilliantly executed scene where Tanhaji and his men attack the opposition using the pot filled with bees. Technically, the period film has got a lot to offer with some fantastic background score that goes so well with Tanhaji’s bravery and patriotism. The stunning visuals and the marvellous battle scenes make this movie an interesting watch. Kudos to the director Om Raut for having such an ensemble cast on-board and extracting terrific performances from his lead cast. He has also been impactful in story telling which generates a lot of curiosity among the audience. However, extending the engaging movie by another 20 minutes and providing some additional details about the epic battle would have been really useful

Saif Ali khan is simply terrific and a perfect choice for the role of Udaybhan singh. His  brave , arrogant , cruel and sadistic portrayal of Udaybhan Singh is simply fantastic. Ajay Devgan excels with those intense expressions while handling the battle scenes. He shows his calmness while arguing and convincing his wife in a meaningful debate. The duo take the movie a different level with their solid performances in the climax .Apart from looking divine, Kajol is dignity personified playing Tanhaji’s wife. Sharad Kelkar plays his part well The very ambitious and cunning Aurangzeb could have been handled better by Luke Kenny

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