Thank you Brother Movie Review( 3/5)

Thank you Brother Movie Review( 3/5) :  Anasuya Bharadwaj and Viraj Ashwin put up a great show

Talking about the movies based on happenings inside the lift , we have had many thrillers  in the past  Directed by Ramesh Raparthi ,Thank you Brother has a similar plot and stars Anasuya Bharadwaj and Viraj Ashwin

Abhi who is not only a rich spoilt guy, totally irresponsible just having great time with his friends. His mother who had given him all the freedom , at certain point of time , feels it is time to reform him and starts blocking funds asking him to find a job for himself . Everyone close to hi starts distancing from Abhi and he finds it really difficult to find even a small job . On the other hand, Priya ,after losing her husband has to shoulder the responsibility of family that includes her Mother-In –law . It just happens that both these characters meet in the list and what happens next forms the rest of the story

Remember Three idiots and Amirkhan delivering the Baby with the help of Kareena kapoor and the famous vacuum cleaner playing a major role , here we have Abhi taking in charge of the situation for which he is not at all prepared The movie really turns out be interesting with the incidents happening when the characters are stuck inside the lift . There are thrills and tension with that realistic feel written all over it .The entire sequence of delivering the baby with the help of a professional looks realistic as he has not gone for too much of cinematic liberties in handling the scene. Also the focus was not to glorify Abhi , but stick to the basics and proves a point that common sense is required to handle any situation . Before the complete procedure becomes a childbirth class, the focus quickly shits to emotions that a rich spoilt brat is going through . For someone like Abhi , who has not seen actual life at all, after having seen Priya in that situation ,realises the pain that his mother must have gone through . Once he has the baby in his hands , which not only makes him matured and makes him emotionally connect with his mother efficiently and this is the superb moment of the movie . Although the first half is okay, I would have liked to see more of the lift sequence, say about 70% of the movie. Also with all that tension, song in the second half was not necessary which just applies brakes on the proceedings

Viraj Ashwin excels playing rich spoilt brat and the guy in a helpless situation  effortlessly . His portraying of rude Abhi was a bit ahead of weeping guywhen exposed to helpless situation ,mainly  for the kind of attitude that he shows  . Anasuya Bharadwaj is brilliant while she is expressing all that pain during the delivery. It was important for her to take care about not going over the top which might have resulted in diluting the whole impact of the sequence.

So , it is the able direction ,engaging second half and solid performances make Thank you Brother a worth Watch

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