The Body Movie Review: Highly Suspenseful

Director Jeethu Joseph who has given some suspenseful blockbusters down south has chosen a Spanish thriller remake for his Bollywood debut, Let us analyse if this crime thriller proves to be a right choice for the talented director

Without wasting any time, the movie is bang on target as the body of the famous Business women Maya Verma ( Sobitha) who died recently of heart attack has been missing from the morgue and SP Jairaj Rawal( Rishi Kapoor) is given charge of the high profile case. This is a big shock for Maya’s husband Ajay ( Emraan Hashmi)who is quite happy  that the dominance of his rich wife  has come to an end .Suddenly being asked to be at the police station to cooperate with the Investigation, he informs his girlfriend about the missing dead body which happens to be a spot of bother for the unusual couple. During the interrogation, a lot of strange things start taking place, one of them reminds Ajay puri about his extra marital affair which makes him believe that his dominating wife is faking her death

What happened to the Missing body? Did someone move it to another location? Is there any supernatural thing involved? Did Maya fake her death to avenge Ajay’s betrayal? Who is responsible for strange incidents happening at the Police Station?

Director Jeethu Joseph has managed to give us a perfect suspense thriller with high curiosity value and an unpredictable climax. The shock value at the climax is quite convincing, some of the minor loopholes in the script exposed though. Even during the investigation, Ajay continuously speaks to his girl fiend, not so convincing. Emraan Hashmi is perfectly cast as the husband who sacrifices his self-respect to lead a luxurious life and totally fed up with the arrogance of his dominating wife. One of the scenes where he is forced to indulge in an intimate act , his expressions are so perfect showing both anger and helplessness at the same time .Sobitha Dulipala as the dominating wife challenging her husband’s self-respect at every point ,plays her role to the perfection . Vedica spices up the glamour quotient and Rishi kapoor is simply first rate


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