The Gone Game Review( 3/5)

 The Gone Game Review( 3/5) – A racy thriller set against the backdrop of Covid situation

Ever since the start of Corona virus situation, a lot has been happening worldwide and here comes a crime thriller set against the back drop of covid – 19 pandemic. During these difficult times where social distancing plays a crucial role, technology comes to the rescue of people who are able to keep in touch through video conferencing which also plays a significant role in this Series

The series opens with the happy  looking “Gujrals” living in different cities getting connected through video chat as Sahil Gujral( Arjun Mathur) who has just returned from Bangkok is paranoid about the virus  and is home quarantined . Things get worse for Sahil with some symptoms of Covid starts showing up who also keeps getting threat calls from the lawyer having some connections with his father Rajeev Gujral( Sanjay Kapoor). When Sahil needs to be hospitalised, his social media crazy wife suhana ( Shriya pilgaonkar) seeks help of  Pratheek ( Indraneil Senguptha) who happens to be the boy friend of Sahil’s sister , Amara( Swetha Tripathi Sharma) . With the Covid situation turning out be alarming, there is a big shock to the family when they are informed about Sahil’s death and more upsetting for the Gujral’s  as they receive only the picture of his cremation .However ,there is interesting turnaround of events when each of family members start experiencing the feel of  Sahil being alive and Amara gujral is really suspicious about  her brother’s death and the way she deals with entire thing leading to unravel the mystery forms the rest of the story

Firstly, this is a brave attempt which makes use of video conferencing effectively as the entire series has been shot using this new concept. Also, the fantastic manner in which the covid situation has been incorporated into the story , should be lauded. With about four episodes having approximately thirty minutes running time , a lot has been covered such as the emerging covid situation  and changing life styles, suspected foul play , investigation and mystery unravelled  with good twists. In addition to this, the performance from the entire cast is pretty decent with Sweta Tripathi and Sanjay Kapoor stealing the show .Although the last episode with multiple twists leaves some part of it to the sensibilities of the viewer, this crime thriller as a whole is racy, suspenseful and quite realistic




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