The Priest Movie Review( 3/5)

The Priest Movie Review( 3/5) : A decent Horror Mystery that keeps audience invested

Basically The Priest is an investigative thriller with good suspense , Horror and emotions . The movie has a major twist about 20 minutes before the interval point  and is engaging to a great extent during the  second half . I would say the overall standard of the Movie is raised after the twist There are several scenes that would you give you a sudden jolt , which is a plus .The scientific approach used in the investigation and the different  kind of phobia  which is mentioned keeps the viewer invested .Another good thing about the movie , it gives a feel of getting predictable , but I am sure the multiple twists in the climax will leave the audience satisfied . However, the beginning of the movie has an interesting plot of serial murders, but the excitement is missing due to fact that too many things  happening quickly .

Without Mammotty , this would been an average affair which proves  his controlled  and matured act dealing with not so normal characters .With all that serious stuff , there is a scene where The Priest visits a young person ‘s home who is dead and his father tells him that they still feel he is around . So Father Benedict’s immediate reaction, yes  he is around and goes looking for him ,this would surely bring  smile in every face out there . All I could say about Manu warrior’s character, a strong, dominating women who is highly possessive in nature. she does full justice to whatever has been offered to her . Nikhila vimal portraying the role of Jessy is impressive, should see that fear in her eyes in some of the scenes ,so natural . A big thumbs for Baby Monica, with her outstanding performance, she is able to send chills down the spine . We have to give it to the director who manages to extract such an amazing performance from the little girl , making sure things don’t go over the top

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