The Social Dilemma Review

The Social Dilemma Review: Informative, thought-provoking and scary

Directed by Jeff Orlowski , this documentary drama deals with the impact of social media on the people worldwide. There are some interesting interviews where the top technical experts working for software giants and Professors from the top universities share their views and concern on the influence and the control of social media .Some of the prominent names include Tristan Harris,Aza Raskin , Justin Rosentien and Tim Kandell , having worked extensively on the social media and are in a position to discuss facts that are highly informative. The film gets really interesting, swinging between the interviews and the live cases which serve as a demonstration about the hard-core facts .The networking building through the active involvement of people, set of data acquired, advertisements through which a lot of revenue generated are some of most common known issues discussed. When the actual statistics about the increasing number of cases related to depression and suicides, especially among the teens, makes audience think more seriously. This also impacts the parents indicating that entire family’s mental state being affected badly .A teenager not able to control her emotions, while asked to stay offline for some time clearly reflects the magnitude of desperation and addiction that the present day  kids are going through. Also expecting more attention , likes and comments on the pictures posted  ,may backfire badly leading to depression in case of insensitive comments .Furthermore ,the less known facts include how the social media controls the mind by keeping the people engaged through various techniques like tagging photos and sending notifications . The main concern here is the invisible force in some part of the world is able to control us by monitoring our behavioural patterns, looks like a robot controlled by remote, just a thought is enough to give chills. The most alarming fact ,while all this is happening , we are completely clueless which is even more scarier .Much more interesting facts are revealed like the software experts who have been actively involved in the platforms , are still controlled in a similar manner like any ordinary person using social media . The focus shifting from an individual to an entire population provides more insight into the conspiracy theories, political influence and hate speeches that involves the complete manipulation of the information, influencing crucial decisions. The movie ends on an abrupt note demanding changes in the way things work presently and try to be optimistic about it

The entire documentary –drama is gripping and informative keeps the audience engaged with several expert views on the matter through nicely demonstrated cases. As we have already seen, mainly deals with the negative impact of social media starting from the bad influence that it has on the human kind exposing facts about hacking the minds of people to manipulate them and mint money. However, looks like either caution or demanding the change in the system is the only way to improve the things as shown in the climax. It could have been better if experts had some basic tips to avoid falling prey into the tactics. At least at an individual level, the suggestions to the youngsters to deal with the addiction, anxiety and depression would have been more useful. Also, speaking about the dilemma, some positive impacts should have been discussed as well. Like one of the experts’ comments about optimising the relationships, collecting stats on how many relationships have been reviewed and the number of reunions happening worldwide would have given clearer picture, a small example though. While talking about the manipulation and conspiracy theories, what about the active role played during the natural disaster management and several other emergency situations, huge amount of positive information available making life easy for all age groups and may be some hidden advantages should been included in the overall analysis

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