The Tattoo Murders Review ( 3/5)

The Tattoo murders Review( 3/5) : Satisfying suspense thriller

The web series with seven episodes is about the serial killings involving prostitutes in Kamathipura area. It opens with a divorce of an efficient Police officer Adithi  experiencing constant nightmares about a scorpion around her .At the same a prostitute’s body is identified  and the case goes to Adithi . There is no on willing to identify the girl in the entire kamathipura area as the girl belongs to highly influential women controlling things over there. We have this gangster Prahar who knows about the murder and is interested to talk to Adithi about the same. Something interesting about the murder is the fresh scorpion tattoo on her hand. We have another murder taking place with victim behaving violently with her customer and again common factor is the scorpion Tattoo .As Adithi meets Prahar , she discovers interesting things and almost solves the case but there is a third victim with the same tattoo but the case is slightly different this time . Adithi is back in action who was not satisfied the way previous two cases were solved as she had felt that there is something more into those murders

What is the reason behind Adithi’s divorce? Why is this guy Prahar , a local goonda interested in Talking to Adithi  and helping her solve the case ? Any connection between Adithi’s Nightmares and scorpion Tattoo  seen in case of serial killings ? What is the reason behind scorpion playing a major role in the series ? How does Adithi solve this case forms the rest of the story?

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The first episode itself manages to create curiosity about the scorpion as the investigating officer has something to do with the scorpion thing .Everyone know that there’s much more into those killings in spite of killer identified in both cases. Actually, it is from the middle of third episode onwards, tension starts building nicely as interesting facts about the Tattoo part and Aditis’s disturbing behaviour are revealed. The last three episodes are truly engaging and keep the audience glued on to the seats. Even that approach providing partial details about the crime shown in the very next episode  works so that it is not too much for the audience at the end . The identity of the killer is unpredictable and the manner in which it allows us to think differently amplifies the mystery element multifold .  I loved the manner in which the suspense factor is maintained till the last scene of the series .There is realistic feel into the entire kamathipura setup and the first body dumped in the middle of dirt explains the area better However , the initial investigation part and the scene where the first two girls are killed lacks punch , the man reason being this one showing signs of a serial killer plot , the sequences  should be powerful enough to send chills down the spine .Even Adithi’s encounter with the Psychiatrist which should have been one of the defining scenes, clearly falls short of expectations .In spite of some negatives, the mystery thriller has the  ability to keep the audience invested about the killer identity till the end ,that is why this is a satisfying suspense thriller

Meera Chopra  is okay in emotional scenes but lacks command while handling the investigation part . Good that she comes up with an improved performance towards the end of the series. It is a delight to watch Kulbhushan Kharbanda in action. Tanuj Virwani entertains with his intense looks and proves his acting abilities while he confronts Adithi in several scenes .

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