This kid treats celebrity singer , actor and cricketer with disrespect

Some of the incidents really made me think if so called VVIP’S and celebrities are really treated with more respect than someone next door. During our  casual conversation involving  aged politician , singer , cricketers, mostly  general public address them  with their names ,without any Ji’s attached to it . This is valid for all age groups starting from 8 to 80 year old individuals. It is really awkward when kid is talking about   an aged singer without any respect. Movie stars with whom public wants to click a selfie and post it on Facebook, while commenting about star’s performance in a particular movie , it is always “ Kya kaam kiya hain isne” ,  there are no Aap & Ji’s” here. Next door  Grandpa , Aunty , Didi’s , when we talk about them, we never forget to give them respect. Then why is the attitude towards celebrities?. When kids mention about their idols without any respect, it is not corrected by the parents as it has been functioning that way .All these celebrities  are human being falling in various age categories and they deserve respect at least taking into account their age. There is no reason to think about falling short of words in any regional languages to treat an individual with respect.. Taking into account their immense contribution to the society they deserve more respect even in our casual conversations . it may sound funny for some as we are not used to it, need to change this attitude though

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