Unkahee Movie Review

Unkahee Movie Review (3/5) – Quick, absorbing and suspenseful

There has been several cases of brutal serial killings solved mainly through an interrogation but Unkahee is different as it deals with the primary suspects actively involved in an conversation to find out the real killer

A case of eleven women violently murdered and playing card left close to the victim remains unsolved with a lot of media pressure on the Encounter specialist ( Ashok Pandit) who has a different plan . This is when the final list of six suspects are locked inside a room and given 12 hours to identify the killer. The list of suspects include an investment Banker Abhimanyu( Hiten Tejwani)   ,drug addict( Ayushman Saxena) , ill-tempered spoilt brat ( Sehban Azim) , elderly person Deepakji( Ravi Khemu)  ,smart lady Tia( Anupriya Goenka) and an abusive husband Roshan( Ashwin Mushran). The suspects are short listed either based on their presence at the crime scene or direct involvement with the victim. How do they solve the crime in 12 forms the crux of the story

This crime thriller is quick, absorbing and suspenseful .The entire interrogation process involving the suspects where the blame game plays an important role along with some crucial links leading to the suspicion is quite exciting. Even the profiling of the suspects is interesting with a lot of common factors hinting their capabilities of committing a crime.  The manner in which their dark secrets are revealed, the usage of playing cards and role it plays in unravelling the mystery makes Unkahee a worth watch . The final knockout punch delivered during the climax is quite good but feels like an abrupt ending .Although the performance from the entire star cast is pretty decent, Sehban Azim stands out with his mood swings, sarcastic grin and entertaining timely punches in between the tense interrogation

Given a short time of less than 45 minutes, Unkahee packs in a lot of suspense and excitement, definitely a one-time watch for the audience interested in the genre

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