V Movie Review

V Movie Review – A big V for Nani and Sudheer Babu

The cat and mouse chase between a serial killer and the decorated officer trying to hunt him down forms the core Plot of the latest outing by Mohan Krishna Indraganti with a stellar star-cast

The movie starts off with a thrilling fight sequence where the super stylish ACP Aditya ( Sudheer Babu) flexing his muscles, flaunting his ripped body ,deals with the chaos situation . The decorated officer becomes immensely popular, after successfully eliminating different types of crime and receiving several awards, also features in the cover of glamour magazines. With success written all over him, someone who is crazy, smart ( Nani)  and brutal starts challenging him with murders. The crazy serial killer has tricky clues for the dynamic officer who is always one step ahead as the killing spree continues and it is high time for ACP Aditya to solve the case. An interesting character, a female crime writer Apoorva (  Nivetha Thomas)        who is introduced to ACP Aditya , also gets accidently connected to the crime scene, gradually starts assisting the officer before getting into a serious relationship.

Why is the crazy serial killer challenging the dynamic cop? How does Aditya decode the clues given by the killer to reach the targets and does he manage to hunt him down? Is it some crazy random killings? How does the killer benefit from killing different set of people?  Anyone emerging as a clear winner in the final game ?

Director Mohan Krishna Indraganti has ensured that the first half of the movie is packed with thrills by smartly executing the cat and mouse chase between the cop and the Killer. The efficient handling of the two main characters is the highlight of the movie, with their unique mannerism playing a vital role. Also, full marks to the director for extracting amazing performances from the lead stars, Nani and Sudheer Babu. Technically , the movie has been stylishly shot with some highly entertaining  sequences like Nani scaring a stranger in different occasions with his wicked sense of humour and juicy encounters between the cop and  killer .However, during the deeper investigation unravelling the mystery of the serial killer , plot becomes more predictable and the pace drops during this phase. In spite of twist in the climax, audience would have expected more explosive stuff . Background music is simply terrific especially when Vishnu is around

Sudheer Babu and Nani carry the entire movie on their shoulders delivering a knock out performance. Having worked really hard on his chiseld body, Sudheer Babu  is a delight to watch with his expressions and body language .  He is so perfect while providnig preliminary analysis at the crime scene with a lot of intensity.  Nani shines with a wicked sense of humour, asking movie related questions to the chosen set of people just before the brutal murder. There are couple of interactions between strangers and the serial killer where an excellent act by Nani makes the sequence hugely entertaining. Nivetha Thomas is quite good as she manages to show her talent .Aditi Rao hydari adds to the Gamour quitient and the big list of strong supporting cast including Rohini, Naresh , Vennela Kishore are wasted as they don’t get much to showcase their talent


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