V1 Murder Case Movie Review: Gripping Investigative Crime Thriller

During the recent times, it has been noticed that the filmmakers are willing to take calculated risks with the suspense thrillers, thanks to some of the gripping thrillers which turned out be major hits. Director Pavel Navageethan’s latest offering V1 Murder case combines suspense elements with the Psychological aspects to provide ample thrills to the audience

The movie starts with an interesting note, a girl being followed and murdered in a deserted street and the forensic expert looks like hallucinating about a murder while he is undergoing therapy with his psychiatrist. There is a different story and mystery surrounding the forensic expert Agni ( Ram Arun Castro)  being treated for his condition nyctophobia which is a special condition about the person fearing darkness. When his friend Luna( Vishnupriya Pillai) from the same department convinces him to take up the case of the recently murdered girl , the duo start interrogating the victim’s boyfriend ( Lijeesh). Though the victim’s boyfriend clearly accepts about some minor misunderstanding between the two despite being in a live-in relationship for about six months, Ram is convinced that there is someone else involved in the crime. There are multiple interrogations with the victim’s friend, her parents and a roadside Romeo who was in touch with her just before the Murder. At that point of time, depressed boyfriend is found dead at his residence with a suicide note. The investigations start around the residential area where the murder took place and the team is able to identify another person as a suspect who starts running away from them

What is the story behind Ram’s Nyctophobia? Why is he finding it difficult to overcome his fear against darkness and finally what about incident details that helps him to fight his special condition ?What about the suspect the Investigating team has arrested soon after the suicide? Is he the real murderer or there are again other suspects? How do the two efficient officers successfully solve this complicated Murder Mystery?

Basically there are two plots; main plot is about the murder mystery of the girl and the other one about Ram’s nyctophobia and the suspense around his condition. The investigation about a single murder moving around series of suspects makes it a perfect edge-of-seat-thriller. This suspense thriller gets more and more interesting as it progresses with the gradual introduction of multiple characters. The interrogation scenes are intense and gripping. Director has ensured that the viewer has all the doubts cleared after the nail biting climax. Although the climax looks bit soft and preachy, the route to the last scene has been very engaging with a much satisfied feeling.

Ram Arun castro gets a meaty role with multiple shades and variety of emotions and he does a fairly good job. Vishnupriya pillai giving company to Ram throughout the movie is sincere in her efforts . The rest of the cast play their part quite well as mostly they are involved in the interrogation process

Despite some minor hiccups, this investigative crime thriller is a sure-shot winner with the necessary stuff to keep the suspense genre loving crowd fully satisfied

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