Vannakkamda Mappilei Movie Review( 3.5/5)

Vannakkamda Mappilei Movie Review( 3.5/5) : A complete family entertainer with loads of laughter

Missing a complete family entertainer with loads of laughter ? We have this movie Vanakkada Maapillai which has been directed by M Rajesh and starring G.V Prakash, Amrita Iyer , Anandraj  and Daniel Annie Pope

The movie begins with two close friends’ declaring in front their college mates that they would respect their friend ship marrying on same day and at same wedding venue.  Arvind works for navy which 6 months’ work and other 6 months free because of which his family finds it difficult to find a suitable match for him. While in his friend Swami Nathan ‘s case , marriage is almost fixed with his uncle’s daughter . Now, as per their challenge,  Arvind wants his friend to wait until he finds his girl and it just happens he falls in love  with Thulasi.

How does Arvind Manage Tulasi to fall in love with him ? How does he tackle Thulasi ‘s father to whom he has suggested to remarry and how does the senior Navy guy reacts to that proposal ? How does Arvind’ strict father reacts to their love matter?  Finally do these friends manage to keep up their challenge about their marriage on the same venue?

During the first half , apart from making you laugh the movie  is high on family sentiments where Arvind’s father keeps insulting his mother on silly things  . It turns out really funny when Arvind and swami try to find proposal for Thulasi’s father played by Anandraj . After the hilarious matrimonial scene, there are some twists before ending on a heavy dose of laughter. Especially last thirty minutes, it is hugely entertaining. Even some of the serious issue like husband insulting wife throughout for some minor things and how he realises his mistake from his son who is not able to tolerate anything against his fiancée makes sense and well told .Do we find such wives in recent times who is willing to tolerate that much is debatable .There is one more topic of daughter wanting her father to move with her after the marriage but not giving any  thoughts of  finding a companion for him.  In spite of entertainment value that movie offers, still felt it is bit lengthy and could have been trimmed a bit

About the performances, G.V Prakash effortlessly handles funny and serious sequences. I liked the way he deals with his father when he insults Thulasi and also while his mother is admitted to the hospital . When Thualsi tries to insult him and his friend, fitting reply that he gives is purely mass. Daniel Annie Thorpe shows his brilliance with his superb comic timing. When the friends return to swami’s uncle’s place and they are in for a big surprise, Daniel steals the show with his melodramatic expressions making the entire sequence thoroughly enjoyable. Also , he has perfect comic expressions and yes he is 100% mass. Amritha Iyer is okay and plays her part. Jayapraksh is first rate as a cribbing husband. Anandraj is really hilarious in his new avatar of undertaker, especially at the matrimonial office scene

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