Walter Movie Review (2.5/5): Suspenseful crime thriller that could have been better

Walter Movie Review (2.5/5): Suspenseful crime thriller that could have been better

A lot of crime thrillers, apart from those suspenseful moments are quite informative in terms of some new terms which are not well known to many and the theme revolving around such interesting subjects gives an edge over the others. The latest Sibiraj Starrer with a novel subject needs to be analysed if it has the making of an edge of a seat thriller

The movie begins with a powerful political leader  Eshwaramoorthy( Bava Chelladurai) made to realise about his trustworthy worker Bala ( Samuthirakani) as one of the potential successors for his throne . He and his family , not happy with the proceedings ,plans to get rid of Bala using his connections, makes use of  a honest cop Walter( SibiRaj) who has been instructed by  his superior , executes a perfect encounter plot during which Bala is eliminated . After the incident, Walter has to deal with an interesting case of babies getting kidnapped and after mysteriously recovered don’t live longer. During the Investigation of the case, also faces challenges in his personal life for not giving enough time for his love interest Raji ( Shirin Kanchawala),more such cases appear and suddenly Walter and Raji are brutally attacked . Also, there is another mysterious character Natarajan subramanium who enters the scene and his connections to crime are unknown

Who is behind this attack and how is the new character related to the crime scene? What is the mystery surrounding the kidnapping and death of babies and how does Bala solve this Mystery forms the crux of the Story

A novel subject that keeps the audience guessing , some of the well shot sequences like the Bala encounter scene , brilliant aerial shots of Kumbakonam , smart and unpredictable climax clearly indicating the crime thriller having its moments. While the movie takes a flying start from the fast paced second half and keeps the momentum till the climax, suffers due to less gripping first half ,thanks to flawed writing and execution , The main weak link contributing to the slow pace is the romantic track involving the lead pair which applies breaks during the exciting investigation . The same can be said about SibiRaj’s performance which picks up tremendously during the second half with some of the intense scenes, improved act needed to handle the romantic scenes, single expression will not help the cause either. Shirin Kanchawala is okay, just goes with the flow. Samuthirakani with limited footage manages to impress with an intense performance. Bava chelladurai as the corrupt politician is simply first rate, a perfect choice for this role .Natarajan Subarmanium playing the mysterious character is quite good

With an untold crime story revolving around an exciting premise, the movie would have been much more impactful with improved execution

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