War Movie Review ( 3/5)

There was a time where the 2 hero formula worked wonders at the Boxoffice. The most hit pairs were Amitabh /Shashi kapoor followed by Anil Kapoor – Jackie Shroff managed to entertain audience in a big way. Let us Analyse the latest Hrithik – Tiger Shroff starrer WAR , if the super combo manage to deliver a blockbuster

The story is about special agent Kabir( Hrithik roshan) who has successfully dealt with many terrorists across the globe. He gets instructions from Colonel Lutra to train and absorb agent Khalid( Tiger Shroff) into his team. Initially Kabir is not happy with the Khalid’s past, his father being responsible for betrayal which almost killed him. He eventually agrees when Khalid manages to impress him .The full-fledged team led by kabir is on hunt for an international terrorist Iliyasi, who has powerful contacts. Having received information about Iliyais in Marrakesh , Kabir and his team very carefully plan to hunt him down. Despite maintaining the mission to be highly confidential, Iliyasi escapes due to unexpected twist leaving Khalid severely injured. The most successful agent Kabir suddenly turns out to be a traitor as he starts killing some highly influential officials without specific reason. The same team led by kabir once, gets instructions to trace him down, with Khalid taking the responsibility to find his idol. The cat and mouse game begins when the duo start trying to outsmart each other

What led to the failure of Mission in Marrakesh? What are the incidents leading to sudden change in Kabir’s behaviour?   How does Khalid find out about  the reasons behind Kabir’s  transformation? Who wins the ultimate the battle between the two? What happens to iliyasi after escaping from Marrakech? Is he plotting something big against India and who is going to stop him now?

The movie has a lot of interesting factors which include high octane action, daredevil stunts, some picturesque virgin locations, superb bike and car chase, and mesmerising shots. In addition to the technical aspects there are mother sentiments, loads of patriotism and some interesting twist and suspense. Full marks to the Director Siddharth Anand  in getting  two major stars on board for the tailor made role. With multiple International action choreographers  involved, It is an action feast for the audience loving the specific genre, A lot of research has gone in choosing those spectacular locations .Siddharth Anand’s efforts in making every frame look super stylish is evident

.Despite so much of positives, some causally written scenes and loose ends, leads to lack of crispiness in the final product. Although the initial portions of the climax are good, prolonged fight towards the end are irritating. With some efforts and concentration on the content, this movie would have been more impactful

Hrithik Roshan lights up the screen with his magnificent screen presence and some mind-blowing action. Tiger shroff is equally good with his super physique and dancing abilities, compliments Hrithik roshan superbly, and this combination has worked big time for War. Vaani kapoor has only couple of scenes, her role does not look forced though. Her character has an important role to play in the storyline, seemed to have worked a lot on her body and is quite impressive. There is so little for the rest of the supporting cast with two heroes and lot of on-going action


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