WC 2019 – Disappointing Rainy Affair so far

WC 2019 is turning out to be a dull affair after couple of matched being abandoned. This is unfair from teams point of view as there is fierce competition and they would like to won each game they play . Fans who follow this wonderful  event, waiting to cheer for their respective teams are hugely disappointed. At this stage, we only need to accept the fact that going against nature is simple impossible. However while scheduling the tournament, why specific measures were not taken as these should be known facts for the planning team. Having a reserve day , one of the options definitely prolongs the tournament with extra resources . Taking into account the sentiments and high spirits associated with this cricket festival, going with a reserve day should have been the option. If more matches are abandoned, it will not be a fair tournament as free points are shared among several teams. We only have to pray for no more rains and hope we get to watch rocking, competitive Game of cricket

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