Where is my cupcake Pappa ?

Where is my cupcake Pappa ?

Something which I heard from my friend couple of decades ago…… It was a general practice of a caring middleclass father to never forget to buy some eatables on his way back home from work. This was a routine in spite of all the stress at workplace independent of weather conditions as it rained heavily during monsoon in that region and the kid too waited for the day’s stuff. The kid could remember those odd days his father might have missed the packet. There was some special enjoyment and suspense what might be Today’s Special and even got upset on his dad if he missed his favourite stuff

Next incident, same kid wants to visit that famous restaurant considered as a luxury for a middle class family .After listening to his son, the caring father plans their famous hotel visit and the incident that follows is utterly hilarious. Not sure about what he can order, son is a little bit confused but to his sheer surprise, dad smiling in front of him wants him to order everything what he likes. While he starts ordering one dish after another, father with a cup of tea keeps eagerly watching him and at the end he just wants to know if his son if fully satisfied

If we analyse the incidents from one angle, it is all about “food” but speaks volumes about the relationships and spectrum of emotions. A caring father who wants to buy something for his son who keeps waiting for him, expecting one of his favourites and kid who even after couple of decades is not able to decide if it was his favourite cup cake for which he was waiting or the special affection for his dad. An incident clearly demonstrating expression of love and affection in one of the ways .Again, during the luxury hotel incident, a middle class dad wants to fulfil his son’s wishes which is a just a beginning and indicates he will try his level to see a smile on his little kids face at any cost

In the present day , we don’t have to wait for our Dad’s to buy something as everything happens online and we keep missing those little , truly enjoyable and precious moments in life. However ,this should not take anything form the present day Dad as the emotions remain the same only the way of expressing it and the magnitude has been changed. There was a time when small things used to matter a lot in life, now we are trying to find happiness in bigger things completely side-lining those tiny precious moments. All we can do is drift a little bit from the usual mechanical life and start finding happiness around us……..



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