Window Seat Movie Review ( 3.5/5)

Window Seat Movie Review ( 3.5/5) –  Good Psychological Suspense Thriller with multiple twists

There was a time when filmmakers were a bit hesitant about the suspense thrillers but times have changed and there are a lot of movies belonging to this genre which have been highly successful. Adding romantic angle and physiological twists to the mystery, the overall effect increases multifold.  This new kannada psychological suspense thriller starring Nirup Bhandary , Amrutha iyengar , Madhusudan rao and sanjana Anand has been directed by Sheethal Shetty

Raghu , a talented guitarist performing at his friends exotic resort becomes immensely popular . During his routine train travel to the resort , looking from the window seat, he falls for a girl whom he observes daily . She becomes an obsession and without knowing any additional details about the girl he wants to propose to her. Unfortunately on the special ay he is heartbroken and later on becomes an eye witness for a coldblooded murder all these are his observations from the special window seat.

Who is this mysterious girl? Why is Raghu Heart broken and how he responds after the murder ? The entire investigation leading to several suspects and eventually to the killer forms the rest of the story

The movie is spot on with that mysterious opening scene which clearly signals the viewer to get ready for loads of suspense. However, that complete u turn with a romantic dream sequence followed by a window seat lover boy romance makes you waiting for the suspenseful event. Initially the window seat scenes and Raghu’s observations reminds you about the American thriller “The girl on the train “but the rest of the premise is completely different. Coming back to mixing romance with suspense and good music, it is not east as a proper balance has to be established among them. Director sheethal shetty manages to find a perfect balance with initial portions focusing more on romance which shifts to multiple twists and suspects keeping the viewer guessing .It is a cleverly written script , totally unpredictable with a shocking climax , Window seat is a thoroughly enjoyable suspense thriller which does not give any clues easily .I even liked some of the characters especially the lady cop investigating the case , her mannerisms and methods of dealing with the criminals . Technically, the camera work is brilliant capturing lush green malnad location and the fantastic one , the overhead shot of moving train . Overall the movie is fast paced with twists and nail-biting suspense but some songs could have been avoided .Usually, psychological thrillers leave a lot to the viewer, here the things are crystal clear but still there will be some questions in the end. Liked the smart clues misguiding us about the identity of the killer and also indicates the nature of a specific character but almost impossible to judge the motive until the end of the movie

About the performances, with the movie completely revolving around Nirup ‘s character, he has done exceptionally well with a controlled , solid act showing a lot variations ,hitting peak towards the climax. Among the heroines, Sanjana Anand’s character is crucial one who manages to grab attention with a camera friendly face and Amrutha Iyengar playing Raghu’s friend is pretty decent . The most impressive character is that of cop played by Lekha naidu . She is brilliant with that indifferent mannerism, simply top class. It is amazing to watch Ravishankar who manages to impress with that short and impactful role

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