Without Remorse Movie Review(2.5/5)

Without Remorse Movie Review(2.5/5) : Has its moments but needed better execution and improved writing

The movie begins with a mission in Syria where CIA operative is held as a hostage. Things turn out be different when the senior agent John Kelly and his team discovers the Russian involvement. After completing the mission successfully, they are back to their own lives. While John Kelly is giving his quality time to his pregnant wife, members of special operation unit are being eliminated by some mysterious people. When they attack John’s residence, in spite of trying his level best, he fails completely to save his wife and daughter. Although CIA wants to close the case, based on some confidential information from his boss, John reaches one of the persons in the list. Through is aggressive approach, he extracts more information about the killings before landing in prison. The powerful people outside are keen on extracting the crucial information from John and he becomes a part of next operation

Who are these people responsible for getting john’s family and other members killed? Is it just a revenge for the operation back in Syria ? What is the large conspiracy surrounding the incidents ? How does John manage to take his revenge forms the rest of the story

The interest part of the movie lies in the conspiracy which is made to believe as an act of revenge. It is the suspense element which keeps the viewer engaged throughout. Even after the mystery is unravelled, it is not only shocking but also thought-provoking which makes you think about the war like situations worldwide and possible reasons for it. Apart from the mystery and good action , the focus is on the family sentiments and that is evident from John’s frustration and also when he is asking that question to a dying person if he loves his family and message to be conveyed to his family  . Regarding the action, the scene where John prepares himself to counter attack in the prison with the water overflowing and later on he takes on a large number of people where we witness some solid action. However, the Syrian operation which results in further tensions is not aggressive, one would have expected mind-blowing action during the major operation. There are other good action sequences like the explosion in the sky and the underwater sequence that follows, still felt the execution could have been better. The same goes for the third operation in Russia which is where the suspense is almost out is less appealing .There is a scene where John behaves kiddish with the Lieutenant commander whey they board the plane of for their next operation , the scene looks silly for the simple reason if anyone can behave in such a manner with the senior officer

Regarding the performances, Michel .B Jordan is pretty decent. He is fantastic is the action especially , one in the prison which has already been discussed . While showing his emotions , feeling guilty and totally desperate and frustrated ,assuming  his family was killed as a revenge for the Syrian operation  , Michel . B .Jordan has been brilliant. Jodie-Turner smith paying Lieutenant Commander which is a tailor made role for her and is simply first rate.

Overall, Without Remorse has plenty of suspense and action but some of areas needed better execution and improved writing




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