World Famous Lover Movie Review(3/5)

World Famous Lover Movie Review(3/5) – Vijay Devarakonda’s spirited performance and unique way of handling multiple stories makes this one a worth watch

The movies with the multiple stories getting connected together have been witnessed in recent times which are quite successful too .Based on the similar concept the latest Vijay Devarakonda starrer has a unique way of connecting different stories and let us analyse if this concept can strike a chord with the audience

The movie begins with the main plot where we have Yamini ( Raashi khanna)  in a relationship finding things pretty mechanical and is quite disturbed and depressed about some unexpected developments in her life. Something deeply troubling her is the kind of messy life led by her partner Gautam ( Vijay Devarakonda) after resigning his job to fulfil his dreams of becoming a writer . When things don’t go as planned, Gautam ‘s irresponsible attitude towards life  goes beyond tolerance levels which forces Yamini to take a painful  decision to part ways . Almost leading a mechanical life and unable to understand Yamini’s feelings, after the serious step taken by his lover, Gautuam turns out be a obsessive lover trying his level best to save their relationship , also starts taking his writing skills seriously

The second  plot in movie shifts to mines with the aggressive union leader Seenu not only dominating  his wife Suvarna( Aishwarya rajesh) but also neglecting his kid as he thinks she is a complete misfit for him . There comes a glamorous Welfare officer smitha ( Catherine Tresa) who starts getting friendly with Seenu for which he reciprocates well. After discovering about her husband’s newly found behaviour, the loyal house-wife decides to tackle his attraction towards the so called educated and glamorous lady. The third story set in Paris is a fast and adventurous romance which is suddenly derailed by an accident that affects the lives of the leading couple .This relationship has a lot of madness, adventure, love and a big sacrifice too

How and what set of emotions connects the main plot with the other 2 stories?  How does simple village girl Suvarna try to get her husband back and what is that secret she has been hiding from her proud husband? What is the incident changing the lives of the lovers in the Parisian love story?   Will the craziness and obsession of Gautam get his love back? Who is the ultimate World famous lover?

The two contributing factors sacrifice and compromise in relationship and the way writer connects the multiple stories through them is the major highlight of the movie. When Gautam has his own way of interpreting the emotions and his changed attitude resulting in a better analysis of a relationship reflects superb writing. Among the stories, the one involving seenu with the plot, characters and performances boasts of highly realistic approach and easily gets connected to the audience also making the first half of the movie an engaging watch. Unfortunately, the Parsian love story looks like a fast food romance which fails to impress and some melodrama does not the help the cause either. After some hiccups in the second half , the movie has its moments in the climax.

Vijay Devarakonda clearly fires on all cylinders in the different set of stories but his portrayal of Seenu clearly stands out . Apart from those obsessive lover  thing which he is really good at , scores heavily in the climax where he corrects his initial interpretation of sacrifice and compromise in a relationship .Raashi khanna has a vital role which she does partially  well while  handling the cute romance but for the emotional turmoil phase , things needed a lot of improvement . Catherine Tresa and Izabelle Leite play their part well , also adding to the glamour quotient , it is Aishwarys rajesh who does a commanding job with the portrayal of Suvarna .She is natural to the core and just  Watch out for the scene where she questions Seenu about what is expected of her to make him happy

This one is a worth watch for Vijay Devarakonda’s spirited performance and also fantastic concept of handling multiple stories through set of emotions

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