Yuvarathnaa Movie Review( 4/5)

Yuvarathnaa Movie Review ( 4/5) : Powerful  message oriented subject and Puneeth Rajkumar  create magic

From the basic plot is very clear that Yuvarathnaa  is a youth centric film which highlights problems faced by  government colleges and their survival against the powerful private colleges ,  also provides some meaningful solution to the  problem . It is a pity that education has a become a big business in the present times and this has been superbly demonstrated in the movie. The fantastic thing about the movie that even while delivering such a powerful plot, it is not preachy. The movie is an out and out commercial entertainer. It has some solid action, good music and well-choreographed dance sequences. I have noticed something about the entire movie, there are several scenes which have been dealt with an innovative approach . Let us take the case of that 1st fight scene, here we have Yakshagana , hulivesha in parallel with the fight sequence which has not been witnessed before . Music by Thaman is excellent . I loved this song ninna jothe but the song is really catchy when the line “neenade naa”appears . If Paatsaala song perfectly suits the emotions around the college, we have yuva song which is the refection of youth spirit. Especially the first song of the movie and Yuva song are well choreographed .For the dialogues, they are powerful and also hilarious. Some of the dialogues which I liked , government job which people want but they don’t want government colleges and also government salary, so true and the most inspirational lone , fail in the exam but don’t fail in life

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